Scrum Power

Scrum is a framework used to develop complex products. It describes roles, artifacts, events, principles, theory, and most recently, values.

Overall it’s a powerful framework to help software development teams work together more effectively.

The roles are critical and provide everyone the opportunity to do their best work.

Scrum Master – Guardians of performance and quality

Product Owner – Maximizes the value created by the team

Development Team – Produces working software every sprint by self-organizing into a functional team

The cadence of the events provides useful stages of planning, working, and reviewing. The foundation of transparency helps reveal all important challenges and problems. The frequent inspect and adapt cycle allows for fitting the process to meet almost any challenge. There is power in these mechanics.

What I’m coming to believe in most strongly, however, are the values. That’s where the power of scrum truly resides. Commitment, focus, courage, openness, and respect.

There’s a beautiful analogy of planting a high performance tree with these values acting as the roots of the tree. With strong roots, a healthy and productive tree will form and grow into something capable of withstanding extreme weather and producing valuable fruit.

The most challenging aspect of developing software is usually the people and not the technology. Getting people to align, collaborate, and support each other is tricky. Using the scrum values, the people can grow together like a band of brothers to more fully enjoy their work and produce things of value for the clients or organizations. It’s a more elevated form of working together.

When people are, by their own choice, committed to the team, things will run better.

When team members have the opportunity to focus on their work and often reach a state of flow, good things will happen.

Teams with members who have the courage to voice their concerns or share their innovative ideas, will experience more learning and will produce better products.

Teams that are open about what’s happening will be able to recognize and overcome their problems.

Respect between peers will go a long ways towards improving the feelings of the team members and when that happens, teams can become capable of almost anything.

If you’re involved with scrum, I highly recommend focusing first and foremost on the values.

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